Split w/ Happy Hell

by Lamb Drool

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This is a split between featuring me and Nathan of Happy Hell. happyhell1.bandcamp.com

The audio at the end of tracks is from Perry and I sitting in my car at night listening to late night AM radio, and Charlie from Tallfriend being hilarious

please do not pay for this album. thanks.


released September 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Lamb Drool Austin, Texas

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Track Name: i want bad things to happen to me
my lungs hurt at 2 in the morning
life is cruel and life is boring
these days i don't know who i am
hi how are you my name is sam
i can pretend that i don't care
you come over and i cut your hair

i want band things to happen to me

i see him talk through a screen
but i'm too dumb to know what he means
do we want what we think we want
or is it all just a big scheme
with all the numbers pointed right at me

i want bad things to happen to me
Track Name: voicemail
i call almost everyone i know it's straight to voicemail
bogus sleep takes hold of me so i fake it

i wanna quit my job
i don't love anyone
i don't trust anyone
but me

i'm not who i want to be
Track Name: computer in my head
stay with me
we'll spend our time sense-ably
then you'll see how simple it can be
to love yourself independently

and when you're gone i'll just stay home
write you songs all alone
now the phones dead
computer in my head
no new messages, another cigarette

on some open road
where nobody knows
the way home
one long september
i'm scared i won't remember
at least i have your voice over the phone

when you're gone i'll just stay home
write you songs all alone
now the phone's dead
computer in my head
no new messages, and no more cigarettes
Track Name: whiskey and rum
forest walking, whiskey and rum
you don't drink but you still have fun
wake up early just to make a dollar
call me at night and give me a hollar
it's challenges we face
we take 'em day by day

too old to quit and too young to try
i'm just a boy so i won't lie
progress shapes what we've been thinkin'
and at this point there is no reason
it's make or break
balance what's at stake

and i don't know
what the fuck you're thinkin
i refuse to let superficial things
overtake my brain
that's just fucking insane